Mark's WindLog for Monday December 31, 2012

77th session in 2012
Sailed at Austin,TX
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Happy New Year! Thank you again to Hans for the Windlog. 

Every year I look back at the year's stats and reflect. This year was special in many ways, but the family trip to Maui was the definite highlight. A trip of a lifetime shared with my family. It was there I sailed, mainly off Sugar Cove, on the new 2012 104 liter Goya Quad. It was the largest production wave board available at the time, and I was really interested in trying and possibly buying one. I did love it, but I realized, it still was not going to float me in shaky inside or light winds. So, I talked with Keith Teboul at Quatro HQ, and pulled the trigger on a custom quad. I found, just as I did with my freestyle board, it is well worth the expense and logistical difficulties involved, to get the right (sized) board. I sailed a wave board 22% of my sessions this year! I also got a new freestyle board for 2013 season from Daniel Aeberli which I am just starting to use. I need to again thank Doug Hopkins at North Sports USA for helping me get the board here. It is really wonderful to be able to have big name/talented people offer to generously help you share a mutual passion for the sport of windsurfing. I went in to buy a T-Shirt at Quatro HQ on our last day in Maui, Francisco Goya spontaneously takes my whole family on walking tour of the Quatro board factory! They all (to my surprise) loved it, mainly because Francisco was so kind and passionate. It is a great sport with really positive and super cool people in it.

Back to some numbers. 76 sessions was my second highest total for a year to date. 53% local lake sailing, and 28 % at the coast. 30% of my session were 5.3m2 or smaller (mainly because of trips to Maui and The Gorge). I took a clinic this year with Guy Cribb. Not even the smart Brits can help me land a vulcan. I am starting to realize that it may not happen, and I am beginning to make my peace with it. I will not give up (it is just not in my nature). 360s in the straps, both upwind and downwind, were the moves learned in 2012. The GoPro has been a fun tool, but I will try to scale back the video blogs, as I am sure it is getting pretty boring for most people to see the same stuff over and over. I originally thought it would have been helpful in helping me land a vulcan. The boys attended another WW Kids camp this year. This was quality time spent again even though the wind was not that great. Owen currently is saying he wants to go to Bonaire, winter 2014. We will see...