L Bell McFancyPants's WindLog for Saturday July 20, 2013

54th session in 2013
Sailed at The Hatch, WA
Wind from the W (mph)
        Average: 28
        Gusts: 39
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: '? RRD Wavetwin 66
Sail: '11 Naish Force 3.0
Fin: 2 small fins
Suit: Full

Did I say yesterday was WINDY? Well, today was W I N D Y!!! Add to that it was another Jump Off Day! Big Air all over the place. Biggest jump was Whit Poor 28 ft!! Brian logged 13.3 and mine was 8.something. I participated to encourage myself to actually jump with that much wind rather then just be in survival mode and it worked. Some of the swell rolling through was huge like logo high. very fun day. And at the closing party we won a backpack and fancy DaKine screwdriver!