Mark's WindLog for Tuesday December 31, 2013

49th session in 2013
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Happy New Year! Thank you again to Hans for hosting the Windlog.

This is just a statistical analysis and summary of my year windsurfing to reflect on later. I have found it helpful to look back at past year end summaries to gain some perspective on how the wind was this year and where my sailing is now relative to the past.

Well, this year was a rough one for me windsurfing wise. Session total dropped to 41 (from 76 last year). Part of that was my third major windsurfing related injury (sadly this time with another incomplete recovery), but mostly it was due to a lack of Fall wind coordinating with my work/family schedule. I just sailed 9 times in the last 4 months, with only 4 of them having any planing wind. I took off several days this Xmas holiday to hopefully get at least one good session in, but I was just very unlucky with the weather. I hope 2014 is much better!

61% of my sessions were at local area lakes and 20% were at the Texas coast. 17% of my sessions were wave sessions, mainly due to a trip to PSC. Only 4 sessions with sails of 5.6m2 or less this year. This highlights how few high wind days I sailed in.

Trips to PSC and Hatteras this year. One very pleasant afternoon sail in marginal wind at the Hatchery on my way to taking S. to college.

I did not learn any new moves this year. I do think I am getting a little more comfortable in the waves, but far from really knowing what I am doing. I am very happy to have a custom wave board that fits me. This gives me a fighting chance. 

Three days of windsurfing with the boys. E. is too old for the WW Kids Camp this year and the camp is no longer offered over the weekend. E. has very good form. If he ever gets inspired, I feel he will be able to windsurf well in the future. O. is getting stronger. I hope 2014 is a breakout year for him. We have a very special trip planned for March together.