Mark's WindLog for Saturday April 19, 2014 , 9:00p - 10:00p

21st session in 2014
Sailed at Town Lake
Rated a 6 of 10

Board: Fanatic AllWave 9'2"
Suit: Boardshorts

I decided to pass on my morning mile run again. I have been getting patellar discomfort walking up stairs afterwards, so I thought it might be time to break out the SUP this morning. I waited for it to get a little warmer, but I guess I waited a little too long. I got there early enough to park close and easily launch, but when I got back to the rowing dock it was packed with activity. I did find a small place to get out at the end of the dock, but in my haste, I dinged the nose of my board pulling it out of the water. I hit it on the outboard motor of the metal flat bottom fishing boat sticking out on the end of the dock. It is always a bummer to put that first ding in your new(ish) board. One of many I anticipate in the future given my lack of experience doing this stuff. Good thing I have plenty of experience with ding repair from windsurfing.