Alissa's WindLog for Saturday February 28, 2015

5th session in 2015
Sailed at Port Aransas, TX
Wind from the ENE (mph)
        Average: 20
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: Fanatic freewave '11 85L
Sail: 5.2 Worldsail Surge '12
Suit: 4/3 steamer

This graph pretty much describes what happened to me and Mike this morning. We parked at the jetty due to side-on conditions - my first time launching there. One long run to the end of the pier, but pretty offshore from it (the pier and shore looked teeny tiny) and the wind really lightened up and I could not get my plane back to jibe, blew my light wind jibe and wound up adrift for a while. Debating ways to reach shore, and how long I may have to paddle/walk. I could not seem to get my balance to uphaul, not sure if that was due to everything being the same shade of gray. Finally a nice little gust got me just to where I pulled out a water start. Saw Mike had been in the same situation, and the same gust reached him and he got up. We schlogged back in defeat, but at least made it back to the cars, with all gear. 


In the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

I shall forge onward into the spring season with my head held high and my dreams intact.