Mark's WindLog for Friday January 01, 2016

1st session in 2016
Rated a 7 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Happy New Year! Thank you again to Hans for hosting the Windlog.


This is just a statistical analysis and summary of my year windsurfing for me to reflect on later. I have found it helpful to look back at past year end summaries to gain some perspective on how the wind was for the year and where my sailing is now relative to the past.


Session total went down 14 days to 45 total days. Interestingly, I sailed the coast (37%) almost as much as local lakes (40%). 42% of my sessions were in strong planing winds. I did travel to the The Gorge and Maui this year. Only one day of real wavesailing in Port A. I do not classifly the Maui sessions as wavesailing, but rather freestyle/freesailing in small waves.


I did not learn any new moves in 2015. The Vulcan still eludes me. I will continue to try, but I will try to make it a little less important to me. I am most disappointed that I failed to get my kids on the water more this year. Except a late session in SPI with E a few days ago, I would have struck out. I will try better in 2016.


I bought a little slalom gear for the 2016 season. The US Nationals are in Corpus Chrisiti for 2016, so I thought I would try participating in slalom racing. I don't expect to do well at all, or get into it, but I have always wanted to at least give it a try once. I need a break from failing to learn any new school freestyle moves anyway.


Peace to all and may everyone stay healthy and happy in 2016.