Alissa's WindLog for Tuesday April 26, 2016

12th session in 2016
Sailed at Cole Park, TX
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Average: 23
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: Fanatic freewave '11 85L
Sail: 4.7 Worldsail surge '13
Fin: Kaku 15cm freestyle weed
Suit: rash guard and pants

Weird series of circumstances. I mistakenly startled a large sting ray, which lashed its tail in the air at me and missed. That startled me back, and although I didn't fall, I lurched hard enough that I somehow pulled my ProLimit harness bar connection out of its socket. It doesn't appear to be reparable. I luckily had a backup harness in my car for the first time ever, because by coincidence I'd seen a pretty green harness on craigslist and I bought it on a whim as a backup, then stashed it in my car yesterday. It was a demo and almost new for $50. That turns out to be well spent. Much better spent than the about $200 I spent on ProLimit, which does not answer my messages about their product.