L Bell McFancyPants's WindLog for Thursday July 14, 2016

45th session in 2016
Sailed at Hood River Marina, Oregon
Wind from the W (mph)
        Average: 21
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: '12 RRD TwinTip 90
Sail: '15 Northwave Featherlite 4.2
Fin: 20cm freestyle
Suit: Full

Andy graciously let me participate for one morning of his weeklong ABK clnic here. Listened to the lecture on shakas. I do want to try shove its again, so it was a good talk. Then we hit the water, where I focused on trying vulcans. I haven't been trying them much, but after Andy's suggestions I felt like I was getting the board around more. It was fun to be trying them again, but afterward I felt like I had been hit by a train after slamming to the water so many times in a row. There was a very high level of freestylers in the camp. It was exciting to be around such energy. I came off the water exhausted, but happy.