Mark's WindLog for Sunday November 27, 2016 , 11:30p - 4:00p

54th session in 2016
Sailed at BIB
Wind from the SE (mph)
        Lulls: 15
        Average: 18
        Gusts: 25
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: Flikka Custom Freestyle 125
Sail: 6.3 Severne S-1
Fin: Choco Starfish B72 22cm
Suit: Exotop and boardshorts

I awoke so ready to sail. It was windy in the parking lot @ 9am. Already 15mph, I was looking forward to a great day. By 10:45a, I couldn't take it anymore, and I headed to BIB. When I got there, I had a quick chat with Randy. It looked non-planing, and no locals. I decided, I would rig big and get right out on the water anyway. If I needed to rig down in the afternoon, no problem. A few really stong gusts right from the start made me feel like I rigged too big. Unfortunately, the gusts were short and there were big holes. Usually, I stay out and wear out in these up and down conditions by the time it fills in the afternoon. Around 1:30p, I decided to make myself come in for some rest and hydration, and that is when many of the locals showed up, rigged up and headed out. This time, the wind backed off instead of filled in. I went back out and stayed out on my same kit hopeful that it would eventually build back up, but it didn't. Oh well. It was warm and sunny. I am still glad I went down and got some windsurfing in this holiday.