Mark's WindLog for Saturday October 21, 2017

50th session in 2017
Sailed at Sugar Cove
Rated a 1 of 10

Board: Tabou 3S 116
Sail: 6.2 GA Poison
Fin: MFC KP Pro 27cm
Suit: Boardshorts

Not a true windlog, since I never sailed. For seven days. In Maui.

Of course it had been windy the week before, especially the day before. I could post a great video link by someone from the UK showing Maui windsurfing heaven.

I knew my best chance was to catch the end of this wind knowing that it was going to tail off at the end of the afternoon. So, I called Matt Pritchard to see if someone could drop off the gear at our bungalow right when we arrived. He told me he was in San Francisico getting surgery for a leg injury, but had someone on it. We had a 30 minute connection in LAX, and I brought my boardshorts and harness on the plane just in case our checked bag did not make it. We made the connection, got our bag in OGG, and made a brief stop at Costco waiting for the earliest 3:00pm check in. I was stoked to get to try the 2016 Tabou 116 3S. Why? Well, Tabou changed the outline that year, and I thought it looked pretty good despite a lot of griping on iW forum. Much shorter that the previous version, it might actually be a FSW that can freestyle.



So everything was looking great. White caps, small waves, classic Maui blue water. I saw Iots of folks sailing over at Camp One. I dropped the bag in the bungalow and started to rig. Unfortunately, the previous renter had the foostraps tight and outside/freeride holes. I whipped out the screwdriver and got them back to inboard positions and set them up much looser. I rigged the sail, added my fin, and unlocked the gate. I went to carry my gear sensing the wind was dying. That is when I saw the big crack in the nose of the board from the previous renter. No F-ing way


What to do? The wind is dying fast, it may be my only chance to sail this week, should I sail it anyway? They gave it to me, right? Aggghh! It is Matt Pritchard, and he is suffering in some hospital in San Francisco. I text him, and he says he will try to get me a new board tomorrow, but to hold off. It is the right thing to do. Maybe my good karma will be rewarded later in the week.

No such luck. Just a lot sail chi and land ducks on the lawn the rest of the week.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.39.33 AM