Mark's WindLog for Sunday June 03, 2018 , 9:30p - 3:30p

18th session in 2018
Sailed at Salvo, NC
Wind from the WSW (mph)
        Lulls: 12
        Average: 18
        Gusts: 25
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: 2013 Choco Rodeo 124 LTD
Sail: 6.3 Severne S-1
Fin: Choco Weedstar 18cm
Suit: Boardshorts
Air Temperature: 75 F

Yesterday, after making coffee in the morning, I got a text alert from SWA saying our outgoing flight to BWI for the late afternoon was cancelled. Jill and I spent 50 minutes on hold, then another 30 minutes feeling like somehow this was our problem/fault. And apparently it was. I had 5 tickets to Norfolk through BWI, and the best they could do is get us there 2 days later since all other flights were full. For a week of vacation, I have waited over 6 months for, dropping it to only 5 days, just felt wrong. So, we got creative, pulled out the CC, and paid more to go further away. (An extra stop, getting in after midnight, an increase in rental car fare, a downgrade in vehicle size, and a 4 hour drive through the night). Thankfully, everyone was up for it. We got in @ 6am today. A quick two hour nap, and I peaked out to see sunshine and enough wind on the water to LWF. After a couple of hours of that, it was time for breakfast, and then family time at the beach. Rain couds cut that short, but a previous forecast of solid clouds and little wind, began to show sunshine and some planing wind in the afternoon. That felt great. A big thunderstorm shut it all down @ 4p. TIme for takeout pizza and some real sleep.