Alissa's WindLog for Sunday October 21, 2018

17th session in 2018
Sailed at Port Aransas, TX
Wind from the NNE (mph)
        Average: 20
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: Angulo Triumph 81
Sail: 5.2 Worldsail Surge '12
Suit: 4/3 steamer

Port Aransas doesn't get much better than this. Down-the-line rides for dayssss!! So many turns. Nice setup where you rode the first wave from way out, then there was this decision point where you could link it to a second wave and go altogether too close to the pier, or you could sneak out between the two waves with a pretty easy jibe. I have to admit I linked to the second wave more times than I should have and pushed my luck, but it worked. Someone else did shoot the pier. Nice warm weather. This is a little crazy, but I'm actually excited for it to get colder because my cold weather wetsuit is so much more comfortable than my intermediate wetsuit. My forearms got really tired. It must be the wetsuit's fault. It couldn't possibly be all the wave riding lately.