Mark's WindLog for Monday December 31, 2018

51st session in 2018
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: Happy
Sail: New Year

Happy New Year! 

This is just my personal statistical analysis and summary of my windsurfing year for me to reflect on later. I have found it helpful to look back at past year end summaries to gain some perspective on how the wind was for that year and where my sailing is now relative to the past.

50 sessions this year, the majority (more than half) in Corpus Christi. Will the Slingshot change this in 2019? Not one day of wavesailing this year. Two trips, one to NC and another one to OR. About 40 percent were in high wind (20+), which is not bad at all. New move this year was the donkey jibe. No major injury thankfully (I cut way back on my vulcan attempts). Notable sessions this year were my first foil session (with wind), and windSUPing the inlet coves of the Pamlico Sound on a gorgeous spring day.

Peace and more love for each other. I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2019.