Alissa's WindLog for Friday March 15, 2019

5th session in 2019
Sailed at Port Aransas, TX
Wind from the NNE (mph)
        Average: 31
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: JP radical wave 65L
Sail: 4.2 S2 Dragon '18

I was excited after how nice the waves were yesterday, but as the wind increased the waves got super sloppy. Like a huge mess. I still had fun, but I also got smacked down unexpectedly right at the beginning in shallow water and sailed with a stiff neck for the rest of the session. I still got in some good rides, though. Probably the most fun part, other than the down-the-line, was this jibe on the outside in which an overhead wave unexpectedly started closing out over me mid jibe. I was able to hang on and shoot out the front with whitewater on all sides. A little dicey but I somehow made it. Wish I had my camera for that one!