Mike C's WindLog for Monday July 29, 2019

18th session in 2019
Sailed at Guincho
Wind from the NNW (mph)
        Average: 23
Rated a 8 of 10

Board: 2014 Starboard Quad 82
Sail: 4.2 Manic
Suit: Full summer

Family vacation in Portugal. Didn’t make any specific windsurfing plans because I came here about 10 yrs ago and you could rent on the beach and I wasn’t sure if I would sail because of my shoulder issue. So got here. Looked for kit to rent. And there was nothing! The guy in the shop said the last rental outfit had done a huge insurance claim and now no-one could afford to offer rental kit. What a disaster!! After some negotiating (begging). The shop sold me some used kit $600 later I was sorted! One sail and one board. Old stuff. And it rips! 

Today was sick. Full on wind and logo high side on-shore set waves. I had some good wave rides, some good jumps and some serious workings! Bigger tomorrow apparently. Gulp.