Mike C's WindLog for Sunday September 01, 2019

25th session in 2019
Sailed at Lancelin
Wind from the W (mph)
        Average: 30
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: 82L
Sail: 4.5
Suit: Full summer

I’m in Perth with werk. Didn’t bring any windsurfing stuff coz it’s winter down-under. Not even suncream.

So I was twerkin pretty hard in the orifice and made the mistake of checking the weekend wind. 30 mph!! Uh-oh. Inner Mike started crowding my thoughts. I couldn’t concentrate. I called a Windsurf shop to see if they rented kit. They suggested I try Jez. Jez only did full week rentals he suggested Dave. I texted Dave. He fixed me up and recommended I sail Back Beach at Lancelin. Back Beach is immediately south of Lancelin Bay.

Dave’s suggestion was to park at the Lancelin car park and sail downwind a few reaches to the spot. When I arrived I saw a sign to Back Beach and decided to ignore the instructions and check it out. I reached a car park that had a sign “4WD only past this point”. I was in a front wheel drive compact but decided I would check it out anyway. It was rough but not terrible and after a while I drove over the crest of a hill to a beautiful sight. Bright blue water and white sand with spray whipping off the tops of the waves. Not a soul in sight for miles. “OMG!! It’s heaven” I thought. The sand was hard packed so I decided to drive further up wind. As I cruised up the beach the hard pack started to turn a bit soft, then softer still, then even softer. I was scared to stop so I pressed on, flooring the accelerator until I finally plowed into a patch of really deep stuff. My heart in my mouth I tried to reverse, digging the car deeper. Oh Mike. What have you done.

I sat for quite some time contemplating my stupidity when I saw a truck in the distance. I jumped out of the car and flagged them down. Thankfully they stopped. It was a young couple originally from Ireland. They didn’t have a tow rope but they did have some of those plastic things you put under the tires. We tried them but the car was too deep. “You have to dig it out” they said. “We will help you.” 

“Thank god” I thought!

So we started digging out the sand from under the car. With our bare hands. We tried to get the car out a couple of times but it was still too deep. I was worried they were going to give up. They mentioned a local tow truck that would come out for $400. After 30 mins they said this was the last attempt. I imagine if you have read this far you are thinking what remarkably nice and helpful people these were. I know I was! But you are probably imagining sun, sand and blue skies. Am I right? What I didn’t mention was that the cold front hit hard whilst I was stranded wondering what to do. The wind was blowing 30+ and the rain was lashing down in sheets. These strangers were covered from head to toe in wet sand, soaked to the skin and shivering. I could not believe how committed they were to helping me out. So when they said last attempt, they meant it.

I stuck it in reverse, hit the accelerator and finally with a rush of relief, the car lifted up and out. I floored it and sped down the beach in reverse until the sand got nice and hard. I thanked the random strangers profusely. Offered them money which they refused to take then finally, I went windsurfing!