Alissa's WindLog for Saturday March 21, 2020

8th session in 2020
Sailed at Port Aransas, TX
Wind from the NNE (mph)
        Average: 25
Rated a 10 of 10

Board: JP radical wave 65L
Sail: 4.6 S2 Dragon '18
Suit: O'Neill Epic 4/3 2019

Gorgeous cloudy day with head-high waves. I savored the feeling of being able to tackle a tangible challenge with instantaneous feedback, amid everything else so surreal lately. And I loved one more chance to bundle up just a little. I finally really felt my training paying off. For the past couple years I've been ok for about 45 minutes in the waves, then I start blowing jibes or falling on the wave or falling going through the shore break because my arms get shaky and can't apply the force i nedd at crucial times. I'd sail for an hour+, but the last part would get pretty sloppy. Due to the PSC trip I wanted to be physically able to sail a few quality hours a day, so I've been doing some arm exercises and a daily 10-20 minutes of abs. I sailed for almost 1.5 hours today and my arms still felt strong at the end. My trip got cancelled, but I expected that and it's really just a footnote at this point. I'm glad it gave me the extra push to get stronger. I'm going to keep it up. I've got another year of motivation now...time to get strong for spring 2021!