Rox McFoxyFox's WindLog for Sunday August 02, 2020

65th session in 2020
Sailed at The Hatch
Wind from the W (mph)
        Average: 22
Rated a 5 of 10

Board: Starboard Flare 81L
Sail: 3.8 S2 Maui Dragon
Fin: Makani KOI 18 cm
Suit: 3/2 Ion Short Arms Long Legs
Water Temperature: 70 F
Air Temperature: 75 F

Did a lot of rigging today. Grrr. 3.8, 4.2 and back to 3.8. Exhausting. Very up and down!!  Worked on switch konos on the swell. Scott is giving me all of his tips, again, for the 100th time. One day it will 'click' in my brain.